Thursday, 22 March 2012

class 2011....quran, solat and tarbiyah by Ustaz Syed Hanafie

Since January 2011, PAKK Temenggong started the Tarbiyah classes for parents and students who involved in our activities attended these classes throughout the whole year. These classes are meant for reminding about who we are as Islam. Most of these ustaz came from different colleges and universities to give tarbiyah to our PAKK kids and their parents or whoever is interested to learn about Islam. These classes usually conducted twice a month and supported by Social Welfare Department in the District of Segamat. Here are some more pictures of these classes shown below:

These students came from different parts of schools throughout Segamat District and voluntarily involved in our Kem Solat and Al-quran conducted by Ustaz Syed Hanafie and Ustazah Norhamiah. They became part of the PAKK's Family until reaching the age of 18 years old..

Monday, 7 February 2011

Badminton Friendly Matches against PAKK Bukit Siput at Canossian Convent School, Segamat.

On the 28th of December, 2010 - Our PAKK Temenggong given a green light by our Chairman of Children Protection Team Programme Segamat District; En. Khairu Asri bin Ismail (PKMD I)to proceed with the badminton tournament against PAKK Bukit Siput. Their AJK's couldn't make it but their PAKK Supervisor Pn Zainab came to support her students.

Our head of PAKK; en. Zahar came for the prize giving ceremony while our AJK's : en. Iskandar and En Arbaee help out with the scores and Pn. Fardiah and Pn. Sharifah help out with the food. En. Fitri came to support our kids and he donated a badminton bag for the winners.

Thank you En. Khairu Asri for the allocation of RM500.00 for the PAKK friendly matches.

Activities zapin ending the year 2010 (Disember)

We would like to show you some of the zapin performances during December 2010.Weddings at Kg.Berata, Kg. Melayu Raya and Gemereh are some of these locations that our PAKK Kids performed.

We also inserted some videos of the tarian kerincing year 2009 and tarian zapin year 2007 for my ex-students to see .There was with us for several years before leaving PAKK Temenggong to further their studies in their respective Colleges.